Not In Our House : Gun Violence in America

Not In Our House : Gun Violence in America


Gun Violence in this country has reached epidemic levels. Every day, an average of 100 Americans are killed with guns and the gun homicide rate in this country is 25x higher than that of other developed countries. Nearly 1700 children and teens die by gun homicide violence each year and on average there is around one mass shooting each day in America. This has got to stop. 

Redwood + Co proudly stands behind organizations that are steadfast in their resolve to put an end to the gun violence in this country. 50% of net proceeds from the sale of this candle between August 11, 2019 and September 11, 2019, will be donated to whose mission is to end gun violence in America through research, advocacy and public policy, and common-sense gun safety laws.

Made with our best-selling Rain fragrance.

Top: petitgrain leaf + orange peel + lemon
Heart: muguet + rose
Base: white musk + sandalwood

100% US sourced soy wax
lead-free cotton wicks
high-quality fragrance blends
burn time: 40-50 hours

**Due to a high volume of orders on this product, lead times for the Not In Our House candles may be slightly longer than normal. We make every effort to get all orders out in a timely manner.

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